Google Webmaster Academy

Google Webmaster Academy is for people who intend to create their website and sell services/resources online.

There are easy step-by-step modules on making a new website, understanding how Google indexing works and also additional resources. If you are new to the world of website creation and maintenance, this is one course you could take online. Here are the modules for your reference. Happy Learning!

Module 1: Make a great site
1.1 Determine if you want a website
1.2 Set up a new website
1.3 Identify your audience
1.4 Create valuable content
1.5 Organize your site structure
1.6 Quiz

Module 2: Learn how Google understands your site

2.1 Learn how Google Search works
2.2 Check that your site is indexed
2.3 Describe content on your site
2.4 Follow our Webmaster Guidelines
2.5 Learn about search engine optimization
2.6 Quiz

Module 3: Use our resources
3.1 Set up your Search Console account
3.2 Manage your site with Search Console
3.3 Protect your site from spam
3.4 Make your site mobile-friendly
3.5 Join the webmaster community
3.6 Quiz

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