I adore Mavis Beacon

For those ignorant few, let me enlighten you…. Mavis Beacon is a typing tutor. It is the first one I used; and after trying few other software, Mavis Beacon still remains my favorite.

As usual, it has lessons from beginner to advanced, and also some race games where you are supposed to beat a moving object by typing fast. The program definitely is heavy, but once you get it installed, it is easy to use. An intelligent program that will track your weak spots and give exercises to correct it, Mavis Beacon is just the typing tutor you need.

And for those of you who think, you can type fast enough with two index fingers, let me tell you that I used to think the same until I learnt typing. You can not only save time, you can also show off in front of other people (mainly kids) who don’t know typing:)

So go ahead, download and get going.