Searchmasters 09 from Google

Search masters 09 - Google India
Search masters 09 - Google India
On Feb 28th, 2009, Google gathered together webmasters and SEO specialists from all over India to Searchmasters conference. For the first time, few of us, working in second-tier companies, got the chance to drool over Google office, workstations, facilities etc. etc.
Congratulations to Google, it was done in style and with sincerity. They did not try to sell any product, or paid product. They did not give us brochures of extremely high-priced software (No offence to Adobe). They listened to the innumerable questions that the webmasters had about google algorithms, and why this was happening or why that was not happening.
Adam Lasnik and Rajat Mukherjee came down from Google HQ, and “the” MATT CUTTS spoke to us over a pre-recorded video. Some of the sessions were a bit too technical and I could see webmasters with laptops (wireless key for Google office given at the beginning of the meeting, ain’t that nice) browsing and social-media-networking away to glory. Those of us who did not have laptops doodled on authentic Google scribbling sheets.
The general sessions had nothing new to offer. The things that we talked about were things that everybody new. The best part was the questions. Most of the doubts were covered, a lot of things that even Google didn’t know of. Their time and schedule management was also extremely commendable. Sessions got over on the dot, and there was tons of food too:) What more to satisfy hungry, eager webmasters!!!
Cheers, Google. We would love to see more of this.