Money can buy happiness

Actor Varun recently published a video about how Money can buy happiness, He takes Rs.10,000 in ten notes and gives it to 10 people who are selling stuff like tea, cotton candy, bubbles etc. in the streets. The joy on the faces of those people is amazing. In fact, I am also amazed at this person, Varun Pruthi who has published multiple videos like this, the earlier one, where he acted like he was injured on the road and begged passing vehicles to stop and help him. Actually, nobody stopped, even though he fell down on the road and acted dead,

Varun, a beautiful attempt at creating social awareness of highly pressing issues! Hats off to you!

Content writer hunt

The web designer is in, and settled in his job. So now I have to hunt for a content writer. There are too many resumes online, but not the right candidate. Few don’t even pick up the phone, few don’t send back the writing sample you asked them to do, and few just can’t write well.

There are websites like Elance and Skillpages that I should be using, just hasn’t gotten around to doing it. Skillpages is the Indian version of Elance and has many content writers. Just need enough time and patience to evaluate their writing and zero in on a few who can write well.

The hunt is still on!