Once I asked my son what I should plant in a certain patch of the garden. And he said, “Potatoes!”. I guess that’s the vegetable most children love, in the form of potato chips, and mash. And one fine day, I found a few potatoes in the kitchen which had started sprouting.

So I called Nikhil over, we cut up the potatoes and planted them, the sprouts facing upwards. I had never seen potato plants earlier. Guess what! They grew so well.

Potato plant

Potato plant

I read in Google that you harvest potatoes 2-3 weeks after the plants flower. Mine never flowered. They just dried up and withered. Couple of weeks after they withered, I harvested the potatoes. Well, ‘harvest’ is an ambitious word. Basically, the kids and I just dug around and picked up the tiny ‘lemon-sized’ potatoes that we found. They were so small, beautiful and shiny. We all loved the part when you remove the top layer of soil and find many pearly cream potatoes stacked one next to the other. I’m sorry we didn’t get a picture of that.

Baby potatoes

Baby Potaoes

That was a success. We made wedges, mash and a curry:)