Terrific Instructions on Chinese toy

This is small parts .To avoid stuffiness ,Do not put into mouth.
Some parts may sharp , please pay attention when you play .
This article are very easy to be swallowed .not suitable for children under 3 years .
Don’t play it on road & etc .
Pay attention: don’t put the finger , hair or clothes & etc in the wheel .
Don’t close your face when playing the F1 . Because of scathing hazard.


Instructions on Chinese toy


They may not be fun
But they must be done
Where you are young or old
Shy or bold!

When you were a kid
There were the chores you did
Relatives you smiled at
Functions that made you fat!

You grew up and you thought
That a relief from obligations should be sought
But no matter how much you try
They would always be close by.

Parents, kids, relatives, siblings
Baptisms, birthdays, betrothals and weddings
Smile and go through all of them
For there are so many yet to come!

Money can buy happiness

Actor Varun recently published a video about how Money can buy happiness, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GT4iEH9viCs. He takes Rs.10,000 in ten notes and gives it to 10 people who are selling stuff like tea, cotton candy, bubbles etc. in the streets. The joy on the faces of those people is amazing. In fact, I am also amazed at this person, Varun Pruthi who has published multiple videos like this, the earlier one, where he acted like he was injured on the road and begged passing vehicles to stop and help him. Actually, nobody stopped, even though he fell down on the road and acted dead, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5GMWJmrR0LDUQ8MojJyXEQ.

Varun, a beautiful attempt at creating social awareness of highly pressing issues! Hats off to you!


New notepads, sharp pencils
Or just a few moments
With nothing to do!
Do they tempt you to start writing?

Write something, write anything
Just go ahead and write
Put your thoughts into words
Your dreams into fine lines.

Do you want me to tell you
Why you should do that?
Because you have a new notepad, sharp pencils
Or just a few moments with nothing to do!

What does it take!

What does it take to make me blog regularly?!! Should I give myself an incentive, a reward for every week I blog in? Or should I punish myself for every week I have not posted on the blog? Still thinking!

Meanwhile, here is some data on how I have fared so far!

Blog entries - yearly graph
Blog entries – yearly graph

  • 2008 by far has been the most productive year.
  • And 2010 the least productive year.
  • 2014 is looking good and I can still work towards making this year better.

Blog Entries - monthly graph
Blog Entries – monthly graph

  • I am usually lazy at the beginning of the year.
  • Towards the middle of the year, I wake up and feel that I have been ignoring the blog for too long.
  • The enthusiasm does not stay till the end of the year.

Adding social media icons to wordpress blog

Not bad. Not bad at all!! I was researching on adding social media buttons to wordpress blog and found that it is right there in the Settings tab to the left of you admin console.
1. Go to Settings, the last tab on the left menu.
2. Click on “Sharing”
3. It is a very simple “drag and drop” tool, with items like Google +1, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, Stumbleupon…Email and print options too.
4. Few items can be listed as visible, and few can be hidden under a share button. You can see the buttons, right here after this blog post.
5. Drag and drop.
6. Select a few other preferences like where it should be displayed, how should be button look etc.
7. Voila! You are done. The social media buttons are ready on all your blog posts.

Happy wordpress blogging!! Well, if you find other options, please do comment here and let me know.

Aikya Mantra by Suguna Rajaram

Sometime back, I had written about why “babies with ladies begging in traffic signals never cry” . I had read that babies would be taken on rent and carried around, drugged to evoke sympathy.

Suguna Rajaram, an HR professional with a prestigious company in Bangalore initiated a group called Aikya Mantra, to generate awareness against this detestable practice. They distributed flyers in traffic signals asking people to not give money to these ladies. Suguna also told me that drugging these babies for a few days could kill them. It is a big racket and we need all the support we can get to help these little ones.

I also joined Aikya Mantra, but I am ashamed to say that I’ve been a silent spectator. Creating a Facebook page for Aikya Mantra is my only contribution to the cause.

If you are interested in joining this group, pledging your support, please visit the Facebook page of Aikya Mantra. See you there! And, please do stop giving moneys to ladies begging with small babies.

So bugged with this government

I am so bugged with the Karnataka government. So much corruption, so much mud-slinging, so much clinging-for-power. Instead of accepting his mistakes and promising not to do it anymore, the CM keeps saying that “everybody does it”. In fact, he is paying Rs. 5 crore as cash incentive for anybody who is able to dig up some land scams. If they start digging, the only land scams they would find are the ones committed by him.

Oh please!! Have some moral. The CM cleared land papers for his kith and kin really fast. But when it came to allotting land for IT majors like Infosys, it took way too long. And Infy is now going to locate their new office in Pune. And I don’t even know whether I should be happy about it or sad about it. More offices in Bangalore would mean more immigrants, more pollution, more vehicles on the already crumbling roads and infrastructure.

And they keep telling us to do something about it. “Go vote”. I applied for a voters card and chased it twice, to no avail. But if they are all thieves, whom do we vote for? And why vote when one thief would be replaced by another thief?

Lord save Bangalore!!