What does it take!

What does it take to make me blog regularly?!! Should I give myself an incentive, a reward for every week I blog in? Or should I punish myself for every week I have not posted on the blog? Still thinking!

Meanwhile, here is some data on how I have fared so far!

Blog entries - yearly graph
Blog entries – yearly graph
  • 2008 by far has been the most productive year.
  • And 2010 the least productive year.
  • 2014 is looking good and I can still work towards making this year better.
Blog Entries - monthly graph
Blog Entries – monthly graph
  • I am usually lazy at the beginning of the year.
  • Towards the middle of the year, I wake up and feel that I have been ignoring the blog for too long.
  • The enthusiasm does not stay till the end of the year.

Web developer

I have been struggling to find a web developer for the past 1.5 months. The requirement is not too fancy. 3+ years of experience with knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JS, Jquery and responsive web design. Might seem pretty standard for a web developer. But I have been through 30+ candidates taking telephone interviews and sending exercises, without finalizing on anybody.

Most of the resumes have all the required terms in them. But when one goes deeper and starts asking about specific things related to JS and jquery, there is total ignorance. And the samples that these candidates sent as part of their resume were also not great. I was looking for responsive websites done without wireframes like Bootstrap. The quality of most websites were pathetic, shoddy, half-jobs even for websites as small as 8-10 pages.

The project I have is for converting http://www.flatworldsolutions.com into responsive and further maintenance of it in future. How could I trust these candidates with a website that has 800+ pages! The responsive has to be near-flawless and done from scratch, tested well on multiple devices, and compatible from IE8 and above.

Could have also been a budget issue too. So I have now raised the bar and increased the salary budget. Have to wait and watch!