What does it take!

What does it take to make me blog regularly?!! Should I give myself an incentive, a reward for every week I blog in? Or should I punish myself for every week I have not posted on the blog? Still thinking!

Meanwhile, here is some data on how I have fared so far!

Blog entries - yearly graph
Blog entries – yearly graph
  • 2008 by far has been the most productive year.
  • And 2010 the least productive year.
  • 2014 is looking good and I can still work towards making this year better.
Blog Entries - monthly graph
Blog Entries – monthly graph
  • I am usually lazy at the beginning of the year.
  • Towards the middle of the year, I wake up and feel that I have been ignoring the blog for too long.
  • The enthusiasm does not stay till the end of the year.

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