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Just like Mongoosemetrics for tracking online phone numbers and calls, we wanted to try a good tool for online chat as well. Business Solutions fit the bill perfectly. And their support is awesome. Being a chat support company, their chat is available 24*7, which is a huge relief. And the support team is quite knowledgeable. I never had to end a chat session because a problem was not solved.
We took the trial account for 8 days, and then moved on to the normal account. Have been using it for about 3 weeks now.

The good points are:
1. Beautiful technical support
2. Customisable chat buttons (though they only have pictures of females on the chat screens)
3. They gave me a discount on the monthly charges, which is $99/month.
4. They offered to design a chat button based on the website design. Haven’t made use of that yet, since our internal team designed a good-looking button already.
5. Admin panel is very easy to navigate, with options for modifying look and feel of the screens, providing canned responses etc.
6. Reporting is really good. Sessions, complete transcripts, time stamps, details of the person, navigation of the visitor etc.

Not time to discuss whether the chat option was effective in generating leads. But I would definitely recommend Liveperson. net to somebody looking of a reliable online chat platform.
Happy chatting!