Setting up my little garden

Green Essence was the final choice for setting up my garden because they were cheaper than the others. And also because the owner was very enthusiastic. But this is India. Nothing happens on time, nobody rendering services turn up on time. After a lot of waiting and following up and getting mad enough to pull my hair out, things started happening slowly… very very slowly.

The pots came.

Pots for the garden

There was this ONE sincere guy digging away, setting up a small water lilly pond in the center.

Digging for the lilly pond

The pots started filling up.

Garden getting some shape

The stepping stones were set in place.

Stepping stones in place

The lilly pond came alive.

Lilly pond

And voila! the little garden is ready….

Garden is ready!

The seedlings were green chillies, brinjal or eggplant and cabbages. There were seeds of bitter gourd, fenugreek, cucumber and bottle gourd. Now we just had to wait for them to grow.

Searching for a garden designer

We didn’t need anybody to design the garden. I had a fairly clear idea what I wanted to do. I cannot post my design here; but here’s what Seby, my encouraging and creative husband made based on my explanation.

Initial garden design sketch

We needed somebody for initial set up. And I started researching for

  • terrace gardens bangalore
  • garden landscaping bangalore
  • garden designers bangalore etc.

It was easy to shortlist a few, but tougher to get them to actually come and have a look. Many didn’t pick up calls and many didn’t call back after my initial call. These are the three that I finally zeroed in on.

Xanadu Organic Gardens  – They gave me an initial quote of over 1.5 lakhs and that was enough for me to say no. They charge Rs.2000 for an initial visit. And then sent a fancy PDF proposal.

Mydreamgarden – I love these guys. They have a very nice terrace garden near Banaswadi. They promised to give materials, but no delivery and no setup. So that didn’t work either.

Greenessence – Christopher from Greenessence was very prompt, very enthusiastic. And gave me a very reasonable quote. So Greenessence it was. But the set up is yet another story, for yet another day.

Green Essence


Trying to set it up myself

My daughter Nina has been with me from day one. So there’s another post dedicated to her. Nina and I initially thought that we could do it ourselves. But some digging up with rudimentary tools after watering the rock-hard mud, was enough to convince me that I had to get somebody specialized in terrace gardens.

The owner cleaned up the weeds before we moved in. And I started watering the garden profusely in an effort to soften the mud.


That’s Nina and I digging away. Well, I’m on the phone and she’s digging!

Digging up the garden