Setting up my little garden

Green Essence was the final choice for setting up my garden because they were cheaper than the others. And also because the owner was very enthusiastic. But this is India. Nothing happens on time, nobody rendering services turn up on time. After a lot of waiting and following up and getting mad enough to pull my hair out, things started happening slowly… very very slowly.

The pots came.

Pots for the garden

There was this ONE sincere guy digging away, setting up a small water lilly pond in the center.

Digging for the lilly pond

The pots started filling up.

Garden getting some shape

The stepping stones were set in place.

Stepping stones in place

The lilly pond came alive.

Lilly pond

And voila! the little garden is ready….

Garden is ready!

The seedlings were green chillies, brinjal or eggplant and cabbages. There were seeds of bitter gourd, fenugreek, cucumber and bottle gourd. Now we just had to wait for them to grow.

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