Terrific instructions on Chinese toy

I recently bought this F1 racing car for my son, for Rs.45/-. Though the car is not worth the money paid, the instructions at the back of the pack provided quite an entertainment. Read it here. And see the scanned version too (in case you doubt me)

This is small parts . To avoid stuffiness ,Do not put into mouth.
Some parts may sharp , please pay attention when you play .
This article are very easy to be swallowed .not suitable for children under 3 years .
Don’t play it on road & etc .
Pay attention: don’t put the finger , hair or clothes & etc in the wheel .
Don’t close your face when playing the F1 . Because of scathing hazard .
This merchandise must play it indoor . please not outdoor . because dust and rubbish may damage it .
Don’t play it on desk or floor , because danger of damage .
This plastic package is packing material , please throw away after open it .

Instructions on Chinese toy
Instructions on Chinese toy