Babies in signals never cry???!!!

If you do not live in Bangalore, you might not be familiar with this phenomenon. Women come begging near cars in traffic signals, carrrying babies and also an empty feeding bottle. I have never understood why they carry the feeding bottle, which is empty and so dirty too. The women also have unkempt hair, dirty dresses and a perpetual look of self-pity, on-the-verge-of-tears look.

What makes me write this post is, I have noticed something very strange. The babies that they are carrying never cry!!! The babies would either be sleeping or staring ahead with a dazed look. I am sure that these babies don’t belong to the ladies; the way they carry the babies is proof enough for that. I am also thinking if they drug the babies before bringing them, or borrowing them from somewhere.

Someday, I have to go after one of these ladies and see where they go, and what they do with the babies at the end of the day. My heart-felt request to everybody is – Please don’t give anything to these people. Let them not make their kids, or somebody else’s kids as means to earn money. PLEASE DON’T ENCOURAGE THIS PRACTISE.