Aikya Mantra by Suguna Rajaram

Sometime back, I had written about why “babies with ladies begging in traffic signals never cry” . I had read that babies would be taken on rent and carried around, drugged to evoke sympathy.

Suguna Rajaram, an HR professional with a prestigious company in Bangalore initiated a group called Aikya Mantra, to generate awareness against this detestable practice. They distributed flyers in traffic signals asking people to not give money to these ladies. Suguna also told me that drugging these babies for a few days could kill them. It is a big racket and we need all the support we can get to help these little ones.

I also joined Aikya Mantra, but I am ashamed to say that I’ve been a silent spectator. Creating a Facebook page for Aikya Mantra is my only contribution to the cause.

If you are interested in joining this group, pledging your support, please visit the Facebook page of Aikya Mantra. See you there! And, please do stop giving moneys to ladies begging with small babies.