Searching for a garden designer

We didn’t need anybody to design the garden. I had a fairly clear idea what I wanted to do. I cannot post my design here; but here’s what Seby, my encouraging and creative husband made based on my explanation.

Initial garden design sketch

We needed somebody for initial set up. And I started researching for

  • terrace gardens bangalore
  • garden landscaping bangalore
  • garden designers bangalore etc.

It was easy to shortlist a few, but tougher to get them to actually come and have a look. Many didn’t pick up calls and many didn’t call back after my initial call. These are the three that I finally zeroed in on.

Xanadu Organic Gardens  – They gave me an initial quote of over 1.5 lakhs and that was enough for me to say no. They charge Rs.2000 for an initial visit. And then sent a fancy PDF proposal.

Mydreamgarden – I love these guys. They have a very nice terrace garden near Banaswadi. They promised to give materials, but no delivery and no setup. So that didn’t work either.

Greenessence – Christopher from Greenessence was very prompt, very enthusiastic. And gave me a very reasonable quote. So Greenessence it was. But the set up is yet another story, for yet another day.

Green Essence


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