So bugged with this government

I am so bugged with the Karnataka government. So much corruption, so much mud-slinging, so much clinging-for-power. Instead of accepting his mistakes and promising not to do it anymore, the CM keeps saying that “everybody does it”. In fact, he is paying Rs. 5 crore as cash incentive for anybody who is able to dig up some land scams. If they start digging, the only land scams they would find are the ones committed by him.

Oh please!! Have some moral. The CM cleared land papers for his kith and kin really fast. But when it came to allotting land for IT majors like Infosys, it took way too long. And Infy is now going to locate their new office in Pune. And I don’t even know whether I should be happy about it or sad about it. More offices in Bangalore would mean more immigrants, more pollution, more vehicles on the already crumbling roads and infrastructure.

And they keep telling us to do something about it. “Go vote”. I applied for a voters card and chased it twice, to no avail. But if they are all thieves, whom do we vote for? And why vote when one thief would be replaced by another thief?

Lord save Bangalore!!