Adding social media icons to wordpress blog

Not bad. Not bad at all!! I was researching on adding social media buttons to wordpress blog and found that it is right there in the Settings tab to the left of you admin console.
1. Go to Settings, the last tab on the left menu.
2. Click on “Sharing”
3. It is a very simple “drag and drop” tool, with items like Google +1, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, Stumbleupon…Email and print options too.
4. Few items can be listed as visible, and few can be hidden under a share button. You can see the buttons, right here after this blog post.
5. Drag and drop.
6. Select a few other preferences like where it should be displayed, how should be button look etc.
7. Voila! You are done. The social media buttons are ready on all your blog posts.

Happy wordpress blogging!! Well, if you find other options, please do comment here and let me know.

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