Why should we read?

I like reading, fiction mostly and sometimes non-fiction books like Tipping Point or Blink. (only if they are really really interesting, and read like fiction). And I think movie-versions of famous books are not nice. Ask me why?

While reading a book, you always create a picture of it in your mind. The house of Atticus in “To kill a mockingbird”, Scout sitting on Atticus’ lap while he reads the newspaper, Jem and Scout finding the chewing gum in a hole in the tree trunk, the house of Gerald Durrell with its collection of multitudinous animals and birds ………………. we have pictures of all this in our minds, when we read those books.

Just think about the Harry Potter series, it gives meat for such vivid imaginations and pictures. You could imagine the Mandrakes with their cries that would knock one out, the phoenix of Dumbledore bursting into flames and a lot more. But the movies came and spoiled it all. Now the picture in our minds is the picture in the mind of the person who selected the locations for the movie, or the director. Too bad, all the pictures and imagination in our minds got over-written.

But movie-versions of books are good for people who don’t like to read. So if you like reading and find that one of your favorite books is coming out as a movie; don’t watch it, even for the sake of curiosity. It would just wipe out the pictures in your mind, and replace them mercilessly.

2 thoughts on “Why should we read?

  1. I mostly agree that most movies-from-books are quite terrible. Not only do they take away the individual pleasure of using your imagination, but they often oversimplify the plots, flatten the characters, etc.
    But there are two that I’ve seen recently that were quite good: Jesus’ Son and No Country for Old Men. In these rare cases, it seems like the medium of film was actually used compliment — or even add to — the dimensions and nuances of the stories.


  2. Leems,
    Thanks for the first comment on my blog. And for the 2 books/movies you recommended. As luch would have it, I have not read either of the books.
    So now I have to read the book and then see the movie. Or should it do it the other way around?


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