Dreamweaver 8 – Online Marketing tool – Software review

I have been using Dreamweaver as an online marketing tool for about 5 years now, and like it a lot. One of the best HTML editors (the name is an understatement) available now, it combines a fool-proof “wysiwyg” interface with a hard-core coders area.

Dreamweaver has adapted beautifully to CSS(cascading style sheets) over time, and makes creating pages in complete table-less design, much easier.

Dreamweaver offers FTP upload, though this is not the most reliable part of the software. But there are many other FTP clients that would do the work perfectly well, like Filezilla, and so let’s not burden Dreamweaver with this task as well.

For the hard-core coders, the expand and collapse view in code, gives flexibility in viewing more code, and also in checking to make sure that beginning and closing tags are correct everywhere.

Features like the zoom-in option for page content (upto 3600%), ability to seach for a particular line of code in the “entire current site” or folder or source code or text, Paste Special feature which helps in keeping the formatting exact while pasting content from other programs, multi browser testing… all these and more, make Dreamweaver a pleasure to work with. Dreamweaver is a must-learn for any person interested in Online Marketing.

One recent solution for which I used Dreamweaver:

I had to put a table with 60 rows by 5 columns into a blog. I copied the table from excel, opened a new HTML file in Dreamweaver, pasted the table in the wysiwyg area, made border = 1. So the coding area got the HTML code for the entire table.

Opened the HTML view of the blog, and pasted the code there. Lo and behold, in less than a minute, I had the table up on the blog. No rocket science! But I was proud of this solution!!

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