We are using the services of to attend phone calls on our websites. We are based out of India, but our customers are in the US. Answerfirst has agents placed in US picking up the calls 24*7. They will provide you with a number, toll-free or local, for which there is set-up charge of $20. And then the billing is for agent time.

We have provided that number directly on our website, but you can also use your own number and forward it to theirs. A good script is of utmost importance so that you cover all scenarios that a caller might be looking for. They will also assign you a client relationship manager, with whom you have to work continuously at improving the script, improving agent quality, resolving technical issues etc.

For now, we are quite happy with the services. Except for a few call drops, and script corrections, it has been going smooth.

Thank you, Answerfirst.

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