Google Contributor – Ain't Google smart

Surprise! Now you can pay Google to not show you ads on websites that you visit. First, there were no ads. Then Google introduced Adsense and started bombarding you with ads wherever you went. And now, you can be ad-free again, but paying Google a fixed sum of money. This money funds the websites which you visit, to not show you ads.

So here is how it works:
1. Visit Google Contributor
2. Register and select the monthly contribution you want. For $2, you see 5-15% lesser ads. For $5, you see 15-25% lesser ads. And for $10, you see 25-50% lesser ads.
3. When you visit sites, you would see lesser Google adsense ads depending on the plan you chose.
4. You can choose what to see instead, like scenery or patterns.

Voila! Another innovative method devised by Google to put your money into their pockets. Go contribute.

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