This is a blog post very very close to my heart. I have always loved roses from the very first time I set up a garden. All my balconies over the years had roses in different colors and sizes.

So one of my conditions while setting up the new garden was that there should be many many rose plants. The gardener was true to his word and planted roses all around the edges. I was elated.


There were tiny plants with 4 leaves and 2 flowers. I reveled in their beauty for a couple of months. But then the plants started getting weaker. Could have been lack of sunlight. Could have been lack of nourishment. I have heard that plants in nurseries are steeped in hormones and what not. So by the time we get them, they are not sturdy or mature – made to bloom in their infancy.

My disappointment grew over time, when most of the roses died under my watchful eyes. I’ve recently started burying banana peels near the roots. Banana peels are rich in phosphorus, which is very essential to plant growth. And I think it has helped. They’ve started blooming again, in ones and twos. One of them was so pretty, that I had to post it in Instagram! Ain’t she pretty?!!

I’m elated, thrilled, fascinated by these beautiful perfect flowers. Love you roses!

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