Non-fussy Lantanas

I have never had a high regard for Lantanas since they grow wild and can be seen by the side of the road. We have a wall surrounding the garden, on top of which I wanted flowering plants. The gardener planted Lantanas there, white and purple. And they are a joy to the eye, flowering all through the year.

lantana purple3

lantana white3

And now I am adding to the collection with more colors…more happiness.

lantana red2lantana yellow

Few basic rules to growing lantanas

  1. Lantanas love sunlight. Plant them where they can enjoy lots of sunlight.
  2. They are quite hardy and can survive a couple of days without water.
  3. Prune them occasionally when you see the leaves blackening and fewer flowers
  4. Then can grow from stem cuttings, though I have to admit that it has not worked for me so far.
  5. Happy Lantana to you!

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