Pay per click – the magical traffic driver

I have tried and tested PPC or pay per click marketing for sometime, and has accepted it’s usefulness in driving assured traffic to the site. The conversion rate is also more compared to the general traffic you get on the site. 2% is a good conversion rate for normal traffic to the site, using organic search, whereas using PPC, you can expect 3-4% conversion.

But search enginese are becoming costly nowadays. Google, Yahoo Search Marketing and are the three most popular and successful Pay per Click search engines. There are some second-tier ones like MIVA, Goclick, 7search, Searchfeed, Pronto, Epilot and a whole lot of them that you can advertise on, if you want to keep your budgets minimal. The engine I would like to talk about is 7search.

7search has recently modified its interface and made it extremely user-friendly. The dashboard is neatly designed with reports, top performing keywords, campaign data, quick glance at stats, account messages etc. It’s easy to modify bids, manage accounts and has a great conversion tracking tool. It has got a decent conversion rate too.

So if you are tired of spending tons of money on the bigger sponsored search engines, try 7search. And all the best in your online marketing efforts. May you be blessed with lots of traffic, lots of conversions and ranking in search results, one step below my own sites:)