Twitter: the new buzz word or buzz world..

Twittering away
Twittering away
My reaction was just the same. Why would people want to read about what you had for breakfast or what you are doing at one point of time. In 140 words. I tried Twitter out and found that there was hardly anybody there for me to follow. You cannot import your contacts from Orkut or Facebook, which limits your contact list. So I found 2-3 nerds on Twitter, who right now talk so much technical stuff that it sounds like Greek and Latin to me.

But Twitter is said to be the next big thing after Google, or maybe even overtaking Google. Today I read about this device called Kickbee, a band that can be worn on the wrist by pregnant moms. Each time the baby in the womb kicks, this band with some sensor would detect that and put a post on Twitter saying ” I kicked mommy at so-and-so date and time”. Ain’t that funny. Let alone hearing about what others had for their breakfasts, I can also hear when babies of expectant mothers kicked them! Maybe those extra kicks were for being so silly!

All said and done, Twitter is growing in userbase and uses. Just watch out for the new developments!!

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