IPL is on….

IPL 2009
IPL 2009

I am an Indian. And like all true-blooded Indians, I like cricket.
Felt sad that this time, IPL is being played in South Africa because of some terrorist threats in India. The spirit might be dampened, but I was there in front of TV watching the first ball of the series. Wow! Sanath Jayasurya of Srilanka and Sachin Tendulkar (need I say where he is from) on the crease. I could cheer for both of them. Unlike normal India vs Srilanka matches where I would not be very happy if Jayasurya scored a 4 or 6.

But all the same, I wasn’t very happy when Jayasurya scored the first boundary and not Tendulkar. And overjoyed when Jayasurya got out, and Tendulkar didn’t. As I said, I am a true-blooded Indian.

Didn’t get to watch many matches after that. I have a 5-year old, pogo-and-nick-loving son at home.

Inspite of thinking that all this is such a huge waste of money, what with movie-stars spending millions, bidding for players of their choice…..and the slump in viewership since IPL is being played in South Africa…. I still like cricket and all the buzz around it:)

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