CWG and corruption

Last week, I put a new status in my FB account. Here is what it read “Why did the media have to play spoilsport, and try to seal the fate of CWG even before it began? Let Kalmadi make some money too. After all, our politicians are doing it day in and day out. So long as India came out in shining colors, nothing matters. Jai ho, India!!!”. Part of it was enthusiasm after seeing the closing ceremony of CWG and part of it was righteous anger that the media tried to spoil India’s image among other countries and their athletes.

How is it going to help? Corruption is there and has always been there. Kalmadi should be punished and so should the other hundreds of MPs who sit in parliament and rule us, their name tainted with criminal records. But making a hue and cry about bad living quarters, bad infrastructure, terror threat immediately before the Common wealth games! So much so that it prompted athletes to withdraw from the games. I frankly think that was bad professionalism on the part of media. Instead of trying to promote the good things that were there, and attracting athletes to India, the media just tried to discourage them and at the same time, bring down the image of India as a country.

Well, my status update certainly sparked some discussion with 8 people giving detailed descriptions of why they liked or disliked my comment. I like that. People are concerned, people are interested, especially because the money we are paying as taxes is going to the pockets and waistlines of many corrupt politicians.

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