I thought it was very easy

My mom was working on Pay per click for the past two years. I wanted to get her some more business than what she was managing. So we started a website called http://www.myppconline.com. Domain and hosting with godaddy.com; everything went well. Wrote about 8 pages and got the site up in couple of days.

The idea was to get inquiries by advertising on Business.com and 7search. We researched keywords, made ads and put them online these sites. But guess what happened!!

Not one good inquiry over a period of 2 months. And I thought it was all too easy.

Right now, hosting is over and website is down. So I have given up on the idea; and also the optimism that it is all too easy to start a website and get inquiries online. It takes perseverance, persistence and a lot of hard work to make a website succeed. Keep writing good articles, keep giving information to visitors…. just keep at it.

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