Green chilly

Green chilly was one of the plants that were planted right at the beginning and they grew well when the garden took shape.


The first yield of green chillies were so bountiful that I had to distribute them to all my neighbors.



I have very low spice tolerance, and these chillies are perfect for me. Not too hot.

But after a while, the leaves of the chilly plants started curling. There was some bunching of buds on top, and the yield was almost nothing. I was wondering whether to pull them out, and sow seeds again. But then my maid advised me to prune them. She told me to pluck out just the leaves so that new ones will come in.

But after some research, I pruned them severely till there were just stumps left. And few weeks later, they grew back beautifully. So the moral of the story is “Prune chilly plants till they are mere stumps”. Chilly plants are relatively perennial in tropical climates. They will not survive harsh winters and snow, but in warmer climates, they can grow over multiple years.

We Indians love chilly, regardless of any health benefits they might have. But they actually have a few health benefits including lowering cholesterol and making your immune system better.

So go ahead. Grow some chillies!

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