Brinjal plant and the tailorbird’s nest

Brinjals were planted by the gardener and thrived quite well for the first few months.Brinjal plants.jpg

And I got a good yield from them as well.


The special things is that there was a pleasant surprise awaiting me when I went for a 3-week vacation and came back. A tailor bird had made its tiny nest in one of the brinjal leaves. How lovely and delicate it looked with the leaf bent carefully and a nest stitched inside it!!


We were not able to lift the leaf and look inside for fear that we might scare away the birds. But we could get a glimpse of two little eggs inside. Daddy and mommy birds took turns brooding them, with a shift change in the morning and evening. After a while, the birds started leaving the nest unattended for longer time periods, and we kind of guessed that the eggs had hatched.

To the delight of my daughter, when we moved the leaf, two tiny beaks would open wide for food. The little birds stayed in the nest for the next for a couple of weeks and then disappeared. I hope to God that they flew away, and was not eaten by stray cats or eagles.

We miss the little birdies and hope they come back again to nest in our brinjal plants!


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