The Pigeon story

Unlike the tailor bird story, this is not very close to my heart. Because I am not very fond of pigeons. The dislike comes from living in apartments where pigeons are a big menace. And I have something against their personal hygiene. They poop where they sit, their nests are made of poop and they seem to revel in the messiness they can create in a short while. I have tried covering windows with nets, but the pigeons managed to come in through some hole in the net. I tried having spikes, but they made their nest inside the spikes!!

And so it is, that one day a pigeon laid two eggs in a tray my balcony. I was looking forward to seeing a small bird in the balcony, and decided not to disturb the bird.


The two tiny hatchlings. Unfortunately, only one survived.

Baby pigeons

That’s one ugly, but cute at the same time, baby pigeon.


Long story short, it grew up and flew away. After that, whenever a pigeon laid eggs in my balcony, I threw them in the dustbin. Because my balcony was covered in pigeon poop for the 3 weeks that the family stayed. Apologies to all animal lovers, but I DON’T LIKE PIGEONS, especially if they live in my balcony.


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