Coriander aka Cilantro

I had unexpected success with coriander in my garden. The first time I got some seeds, I planted them with too much caution. Planted only 1 seed per hole, and watched them like a hawk. Nothing happened. Nada!

The next time, I got angry with the seeds. Cleared up and dug up a patch in the garden. Took a handful of seeds and threw them on the ground. Many, many seeds per square centimeter. And then I sprinkled some cocopeat on top, half-heartedly. Some of the seeds were covered, some were not.

And surprisingly, that patch looked so pretty. I actually saw jealousy on the faces of seasoned gardeners because of my coriander patch. See how pretty it looks.


I distributed some, used most and did not have to buy coriander leaves for over 5 months. Slowly, I watched them flowering and producing tiny coriander seeds. I got mixed advice that pruning will help, plucking out leaves will help them grow back etc. But nothing helped.

They became scrawny and lifeless until I finally plucked them all out today!

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