Rarrots or Cadishes – Carrots or Radishes

And so it happened that one day, I went to GKVK Agricultural university in Bangalore in search of seeds and fertilizers. And I bought carrot seeds from there. Tiny red glossy seeds that looked pretty, like carrots. I made a small bed ready and planted them. They sprouted pretty quick and looked good.

Radish plant sprouting

They grew and grew rapidly. I saw the leaves and wondered why they didn’t look like carrot leaves.

After fighting the normal worms and other pest problems, they finally bore fruit. And guess what they were. My carrots turned out to be radishes.

I got a very good crop. But the point is, I don’t like radishes. I made radish soup, which was yuck! Radish chips which was bleh! And radish curry, which was barely edible. Distributed the rest to few near and dear ones, who were willing to bail me out during my time of despair!

And so I retire from radish gardening, with this unique story of how my carrots turned out to be radishes!!

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